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Good Fund connects the people of Denver with causes that matter to

their community.


Good Fund collects items and raises funds for local charities through donation drives and charitable events.


Good Fund supports charities in the Denver metro area.

Our goal is to make giving back easy, accessible and fun.


Good Fund partners with local businesses to host donation drives. We sort and catalogue each item so that you can track your contribution.

convenient pick up 

Everything you need to make a donation in one bag

you've got this in the bag

contact-free delivery

Accessible donation boxes in areas near you

your safety is our priority


fill your bag

remove your tag

track your donation


HOW           MAKES


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Q: How do I make a donation?

A: Grab a bag from the side of a Good Fund donation box, take it home and place the items you want to donate inside. Bring your bagged items to the same location and place the bag inside the donation box. Don't forget to remove the tag from your bag in case you want to track your items later.

Q: What items does Good Fund collect?

A: Our donation drives are designed to support the needs of the community. This means we typically collect new and gently used shoes, clothing, blankets, backpacks and sleeping bags. Check your donation bag for more information about items we're currently accepting.

Q: Where can I find a donation box?

A: Good Fund donation boxes are available in communal areas across Denver. Check our calendar for box locations near you.

Q: How can I get a donation box in my area?

A: You can apply to host a donation box by filling out this form.

Q: How does Good Fund track my items?

A: All Good Fund bags are labeled with codes that match the code on your tag. Once your bag has been collected it will be processed and cataloged in our system before your items are distributed. When you use your code to track your donation you'll be able to see where and when your items were delivered.

Q: Who will my donation benefit?

A: The items we collect will be distributed to shelters and nonprofits throughout Denver based on need and availability. You will receive a delivery notification detailing where your items were delivered when you track your donation..

Q: What happens to the items that can't be donated?

A: Items that do not meet the donation criteria (items that are unwashed, have visible holes or stains or are otherwise unfit for delivery) will be sorted for distribution to American Textile Recycling Service.